Tuesday, 4 March 2008

I will be back !!

Just in case anyone was wondering why I have not posted any pictures recently on my Flickr site I thought that I should explain.
I seem to spend all my time rummaging through other peoples pasts and i thought it was about time i had a look at my own. So, since Christmas I have been researching my family history. Although it seems its the "in" thing to do at the moment I still decided to go ahead and I am glad that I did. Its time consuming, frustrating but more than anything facinating.
I might blog my search here but I need to organise what I have already discovered. So, if you are interested keep an eye open here some time in the future.

I still have hundreds of photos to post on Flickr but I need to concentrate on this project for a while. When I feel I need a break from it I will start uploading again.