Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Isle of Wight Photos

Over the next few weeks I am going to be transfering loads of my Isle of Wight photos to My Forgotten Faces Flickr site. They will be in their own collection but will take up several pages on the landing screens but once I start uploading more people cards later in the year they will be pushed back but don't forget that you can by- pass all of these if you wish and go straight to Forgotten Faces by selecting the set from my home page or just click this link -


This is all just a question of online storage and as I posted yesterday I do not really want to pay for two pro accounts so it makes sense to utilise FF for this purpose.

Monday, 16 July 2012

An Explanation

I have made a few changes to my Forgotten Faces Flickr site and I though it was about time I updated this blog to explain what is going on.
I purchased a new camera a while back and needed somewhere to store my photos online so rather than pay for another Pro Account on Flickr I decided to use Forgotten Faces as a home for these and some other stuff.
Forgotten Faces is still there and separate from all of the other stuff and you can go directly there with the link below

Or just select the collection on the home page.

I have not uploaded and postcards to Forgotten Faces for a while but will be doing so later.

Thats about it really...if you have been dropping by all I can say is that I am sorry there has not been much going on but I will be getting back it it soon.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Gadget has stopped working

Hmmm my Flickr gadget has stopped working and I have had to replce it with a link instead.
Something about an API key has expired !! Shame because I liked that.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Oh no ! I'm Becoming a Nostaglia Geek !

It's true I'm afraid and I don't know how to pull back from the abyss !
I am now obsessed with old photographs and early photographers like William Hayes that I mentioned in my last post. I have the book now by the way and what an interesting read it is. Loads of great pictures as well.
I am even looking at my own collection in a different way. I am starting to make up stories in head about why a certain photograph was taken.
Take my profile picture for example. Here is the full version below-


I have it in my head that these two children are orphans who's parents were killed in tragic accident and the authorities have made them have their photograph taken to advertise them to prospective adopting couples.
The little girl is so frightened that she is going to be separated from her brother but he has no intention of letting that happen. And so on.........
I am even getting choked up thinking about it....is there any hope for me ?

That's the trouble when you find a card like this with no information about who these children are. You're imagination goes into overdrive. Well, mine does anyway.

Friday, 3 February 2012

William Hayes - The Photographer Who Took The Photo Of The little Girl and Her Doll

Since uploading the image of the little girl and her doll as shown in my last post my Flickr friend Sarah has identified the photograher as William Hayes of York. The only clue on the card was a tiny signature in the bottom right corner but we are now sure this is him.

I have taken the information below from the Imagine York website where there are some beautiful pictures of York in bygone days and also some photographs of William Hayes, some of which I have cheekily posted in this blog.

Hayes was born in Newbiggin in the city in 1871. He was interested in art from an early age and attended the York School of Art. Initially his interest in photography was as an amateur but he later channelled his considerable ability into creating a business as a full time professional photographer.

He undertook both studio and outside work and was employed many times by Rowntrees. His street scenes are particularly evocative.

He married Margaret Harland in 1904 and, after concerns for his wife's health, they moved to Hutton-Le-Hole in 1911 - two years after the birth of their son.

Hayes continued to be an active photographer, walking and cycling many miles to fulfil his varied commissions.

Hayes died in October 1940. His studio can still be visited at the Ryedale Folk Museum in Hutton Le Hole.

This of course does not help identify the little girl in the picture but for me the photographer has become more interesting than his subject.

His studio was a corregated iron building at the bottom of his garden at 76 Monkgate, York. There was a huge gasworks and incinerater chimney overlooking his garden and it was for this reason that he eventually moved for the sake of his wife's health.
His house in Monkgate is still there and I have put an interactive Streetview picture below. His house was the one with the red door. There is now an industrial site and a huge Sainsburys super store where the gasworks once stood.

View Larger Map

The image below shows William Hayes and his new wife on their wedding day outside of his studio.

This next image shows the wedding breakfast actually in his studio.

This final image shows his wife by the studio looking up at the huge chimney and gas works

If you go to the Imagine York website and type in Monkgate in the photo search box you will get a large selection of photos of the roard and area where William Hayes lived. Some are taken by him.

I have discovered the following book - William Hayes 1871-1940 : York photographic artist by Terry Buchanan 1986 and have managed to get a copy from Amazon and if you click the link it will take you to these books.

I am really pleased that with such little information to go on we have discovered so much about this talented photograher.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

The card that I just had to have !

bc161 by Forgotten Faces
bc161, a photo by Forgotten Faces on Flickr.

This is the card that I won after a bidding battle on ebay. I paid a lot more than I normally would for a single card but it was well worth it. Since posting on Flickr one of my contacts has researched the photographer and there is a lot of information there with links etc.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Just a few thoughts

I was looking through my Flickr collection of "people" postcards today and it made me wonder if it was right to see these being sold at postcard fairs and on the internet. They were, after all, real people who may still have families around today and should I really be displaying them for all to see on Flickr ?

From my point of view I don't feel bad about it as I don't make any financial gain from doing so. In fact, its me that pays for these cards and by the time I pay for my premium Flickr account every year I must have spent several hundreds of pounds since starting this project.

I don't have to do it of course but it gives me a lot of satisfaction to see people talking about these forgotten faces again after probably spending many years shut away in postcard dealers boxes and I have always said that if anyone identifies a family member on my site I would always be happy to send them the original photo without charge.

So, all you postcard dealers out there, if you want to give me a nice discount I will not say no !

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New Arrivals

bc159 by Forgotten Faces
bc159, a photo by Forgotten Faces on Flickr.

I have just received a lot of 5 cards that I have recently won and by chance this was among them and fits in nicely with my new set of Children With Toys

Monday, 30 January 2012

Most Popular Card

bc30 by Forgotten Faces
bc30, a photo by Forgotten Faces on Flickr.

Time for a quick update on the most viewed card in my collection and it is still this one way out in front with 3150 views

Bidding War

Well, I got caught up in a bidding war today on ebay and after a frantic five minutes came away with a lovely card of a young girl and her doll, both dressed the same. Paid a bit more than I normally would for just one card but I just had to have it. I will post an image here when it arrives. In fact, I have a number of cards in the post so I will be busy for the next few days.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

A New Set

I have just created a new set on Flickr ( Forgotten Faces ). This will be for children with toys etc. Just recently I have been snooping around for these type of cards so it will be nice to separate them. Here is one that arrived today.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


ss80 by Forgotten Faces
ss80, a photo by Forgotten Faces on Flickr.

I love this card which I purchased recently. There is so much to see. Dogs, babies and you guessed it....hats !

Friday, 29 July 2011

Another Favourite

ss36 by Forgotten Faces
ss36, a photo by Forgotten Faces on Flickr.

I have to confess that I really like the early seaside photos and this is another one of my favourites.
I have created a group on Flickr called Vintage Seaside. There are over 1500 seaside photos there at the moment.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The "Betty" Cards

Ok, I have now uploaded the Betty cards to Flickr and here is the link to the Set that I have put them in. I have posted just four pictures here but it is best to go to Flickr to see them all.
This is a great little collection of photo's of someone through the early stages of her life and I dare say that in time we may find out a little more about Betty.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Betty Cards

Well, the "Betty" cards arrived today and I am now sure they are not of Betty Driver from Coronation Street. I have scanned them all but have not been able to upload to Flickr yet as I have been very busy today.
I am not too disappointed as I believe these cards have a story to tell and I am very pleased to have got them. I will upload tomorrow with all of the details.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Tea Time !

o9 by Forgotten Faces
o9, a photo by Forgotten Faces on Flickr.

Carrying on with my look back at earlier uploads to Flickr I think this deserves another look. It's been really good for me to look through my collection again as I have not seen some of these cards for a couple of years now. Must make more time to browse !!

Betty ?

I am waiting for a group of postcards to arrive that I recently purchased on ebay. They are all supposed to be of the same girl but at different ages. The seller believes her name to be Betty.
Unfortunately there has been a delay in receiving these cards as the seller did not put enough postage on the parcel but that is all sorted now so I should get them this week.

Looking at the cards on ebay I have a feeling that these cards are of Betty Williams ( Driver ) who plays Betty Turpin in Coronation Street. I can't be totally sure even after checking out some pictures of her on the web but I have this feeling !

There are some studio portraits but also some family groups. I will wait for them to arrive and check out any messages on the reverse. The seller did say some cards had information on them.

As soon as I have them I will post them here and on Flickr. If it is Betty Driver I would like to try and return them to her.

This is the image of the group of cards taken from ebay

Friday, 22 July 2011

Oh..We Do Love to be Beside the Seaside !

ss22 by Forgotten Faces
ss22, a photo by Forgotten Faces on Flickr.

Another favourite of mine from my earlier uploads to FF

More Links to Research by Sarah

Sarah has carried out some research on a number of my cards apart from the wedding one so I thought it would be good to post some links to them...

bc12 bc9 spf64 w26 bc79 fg151 fg158 fg170

spm89 fg247 spm97 afa25 The Workington Set

wg5 wg1 wg3 wg7

This has really been a good week for me and Forgotten Faces as we have now managed to get a lot of background information on a numer of cards...great stuff !

Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Wedding

w30 by Forgotten Faces
w30, a photo by Forgotten Faces on Flickr.

Well, Sarah has come up trumps again and has managed to put names to faces in this lovely wedding group. Also we now know the location which is Shoreham on Sea. She has also discovered a link to a local web site which has this exact same picture displayed along with lots more of the family.
Please click on the picture to read more on Flickr. I have included here the link to the local site but it is also in one of Sarah's comments on the picture.