Thursday, 17 January 2008

You don`t aways get what you want !!

I won an ebay auction recently for 100 people cards and I was eagerly awaiting their arrival. When they arrived a couple of days ago I discovered they were all German. Although the quality was extremely good I only collect British cards ( although some foreign ones may have slipped through).

Fortunately the seller has agreed to take them back and refund me the price as she did not mention the fact that they were foreign in the auction listing.
Never mind, I might stop buying more cards until I have finished dealing with the ones I have....famous last words !!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Image sizes on Flickr

One of my contacts on Flickr suggested that I increase the image size that I upload as it would give more detail. Not being one to ignore advice I have given it a go and have mixed feelings about the result. I have just obtained an external hard drive with another 250gb so the extra memory required is not a problem but although you can now see much more detail you can also see more of the imperfections that these cards inevitably have.

Overall I think that maybe it is a good change to make and the extra detail outweighs the other problem so I will continue with the larger size.

I have to admit that I have been " cherry picking " the cards that I have been uploading recently which is not what I intended at the outset of this project so today I have gone through 20 cards and just uploaded them without sorting. Some might not be as interesting as others but it gets me back on track with my original intentions.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Forgotten Ostrich !!

I get some nice emails from many of the people who view my postcards on flickr and sometimes get sent pictures to look at. I received a mail today from Eric with a link to a picture on Flickr. He thought I could put it on my blog ! So Eric, although not stictly in keeping with the other images here it is...a forgotten ostrich ...

Thanks for that Eric, its really a great image from the past.

Forgotten Faces at Flickr

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

New year

Well, its now 2008 and I have just started uploading again and hope to reach 1000 photo`s by the end of Jan. I uploaded a few recently purchased cards yesterday and have a mountain still to go through.
The site is still being visited on a regular basis and is now coming up to 15000 views. I have recently installed a couple of add ons to the site which provide some statistics of how the site is viewed. You can see one of them in a graph form on my profile page.

So, lots to do in the new year and lots more postcards to buy !!

A happy new year to anyone who reads this blog.

Forgotten Faces at Flickr