Thursday, 17 January 2008

You don`t aways get what you want !!

I won an ebay auction recently for 100 people cards and I was eagerly awaiting their arrival. When they arrived a couple of days ago I discovered they were all German. Although the quality was extremely good I only collect British cards ( although some foreign ones may have slipped through).

Fortunately the seller has agreed to take them back and refund me the price as she did not mention the fact that they were foreign in the auction listing.
Never mind, I might stop buying more cards until I have finished dealing with the ones I have....famous last words !!


Audra Jensen said...

I have recently started collecting old photos and photographic postcards. I use them in my artwork:

Do you ever let people use your photos in their art - for commercial purposes? I'm poor, but willing to pay for the rights to use them.

Let me know. You have some wonderful images!

Thanks, Audra

Rob said...

All I ask is that you ask me like you have just done and that the artwork does not demean the images in any way.
Other than that please go ahead.