Thursday, 10 January 2008

Image sizes on Flickr

One of my contacts on Flickr suggested that I increase the image size that I upload as it would give more detail. Not being one to ignore advice I have given it a go and have mixed feelings about the result. I have just obtained an external hard drive with another 250gb so the extra memory required is not a problem but although you can now see much more detail you can also see more of the imperfections that these cards inevitably have.

Overall I think that maybe it is a good change to make and the extra detail outweighs the other problem so I will continue with the larger size.

I have to admit that I have been " cherry picking " the cards that I have been uploading recently which is not what I intended at the outset of this project so today I have gone through 20 cards and just uploaded them without sorting. Some might not be as interesting as others but it gets me back on track with my original intentions.

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