Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Just a few thoughts

I was looking through my Flickr collection of "people" postcards today and it made me wonder if it was right to see these being sold at postcard fairs and on the internet. They were, after all, real people who may still have families around today and should I really be displaying them for all to see on Flickr ?

From my point of view I don't feel bad about it as I don't make any financial gain from doing so. In fact, its me that pays for these cards and by the time I pay for my premium Flickr account every year I must have spent several hundreds of pounds since starting this project.

I don't have to do it of course but it gives me a lot of satisfaction to see people talking about these forgotten faces again after probably spending many years shut away in postcard dealers boxes and I have always said that if anyone identifies a family member on my site I would always be happy to send them the original photo without charge.

So, all you postcard dealers out there, if you want to give me a nice discount I will not say no !

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