Monday, 6 February 2012

Oh no ! I'm Becoming a Nostaglia Geek !

It's true I'm afraid and I don't know how to pull back from the abyss !
I am now obsessed with old photographs and early photographers like William Hayes that I mentioned in my last post. I have the book now by the way and what an interesting read it is. Loads of great pictures as well.
I am even looking at my own collection in a different way. I am starting to make up stories in head about why a certain photograph was taken.
Take my profile picture for example. Here is the full version below-


I have it in my head that these two children are orphans who's parents were killed in tragic accident and the authorities have made them have their photograph taken to advertise them to prospective adopting couples.
The little girl is so frightened that she is going to be separated from her brother but he has no intention of letting that happen. And so on.........
I am even getting choked up thinking about there any hope for me ?

That's the trouble when you find a card like this with no information about who these children are. You're imagination goes into overdrive. Well, mine does anyway.


zengrenouille said...

I posted this questions in your post mortem post a few weeks ago, but it never got a response so I don't think you saw it. Your post here kind of answers my questions, though.

"I have a question about the children in your profile picture. I found this immage in a youtube video that is dedicated to post morten photos. I couldn't belive those children were dead (that would have to be a seriously awesome photographer.) I did a Google search of post mortems, and your profile picture popped up on the first page. I found that image in your Flickr collection under the children collection, and I see nothing indicating that this is a post mortem on your site. You described them as looking vulnerable. Can you verify whether or not that is a post mortem photo? "

I'm kind of annoyed that this picture is in that video since there is no indication that either of these kids are dead. People are still arguing that this photo is a post mortem one.

Rob said...

Sorry for not spotting your original question. These two children were most certainly alive when the photograph was taken and I cant see how anyone could think otherwise.
I have tried to replicate your google search but I am unable to come up with the site that is using this photo. Perhaps you could let me have the address so I can see for myself. It does make me angry that someone has used this photo out of context.

zengrenouille said...

Your photograph can be found in this video:

Skip to 0:25.