Monday, 25 July 2011

Betty ?

I am waiting for a group of postcards to arrive that I recently purchased on ebay. They are all supposed to be of the same girl but at different ages. The seller believes her name to be Betty.
Unfortunately there has been a delay in receiving these cards as the seller did not put enough postage on the parcel but that is all sorted now so I should get them this week.

Looking at the cards on ebay I have a feeling that these cards are of Betty Williams ( Driver ) who plays Betty Turpin in Coronation Street. I can't be totally sure even after checking out some pictures of her on the web but I have this feeling !

There are some studio portraits but also some family groups. I will wait for them to arrive and check out any messages on the reverse. The seller did say some cards had information on them.

As soon as I have them I will post them here and on Flickr. If it is Betty Driver I would like to try and return them to her.

This is the image of the group of cards taken from ebay

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