Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A House - Then and Now

Going back to the point I made in my previous post about how important it was and is, to record as much information on the back of these old photos I can now show you some evidence of this.

Some time ago I purchased a batch of postcards that the seller was sure came from the same family and you can see these on my Flickr site in the set called A Family Album . Many of the photos were taken in a studio in Exeter, Devon so I assumed that this family lived in the West Country.
One of the postcards show two ladies standing outside a house and fortunately someone has written the first line of the address on the back of the card which is - 14 Churchill Road.

One of my contacts on Flickr has kindly taken the time to do some research on this set of photos and has come up the exact location of the house and it was and still is in Exeter. There is another picture of this house in the set but this time there is a young boy standing outside.

With the exact location known, my contact has carried out further research and has come up with lots of information about the house and the people who were living there.

The picture below is the house at 14 Churchill Road, Exeter as it was in the early 1900's

And thanks to Google Streetview this is the house today and as you can see, nothing has changed that much. The image below is interactive so you can zoom in and out and move around.

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Don't take any notice of the address shown on the Streetview image as they can be out by quite a bit.
I might now send a copy of the old photo to whoever is living in the house now. They might find it interesting and also give them the link to the Flickr image which shows the history of the house.

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