Friday, 21 September 2007

Why Flickr ?

When I first decided to go ahead with this project I needed some web space to show these images but I really could not be bothered to start designing web pages to support the pictures so I stumbled on Flickr. I was impressed from the start and the interactive nature of the site made my mind up.
I originally went for the free option but as I wanted to separate all of the images into different catagories it soon became clear that I would need the " Pro " option. This gave me unlimited "Sets" and at £12 for a years subscription seemed very reasonable.
So, thats why !

Forgotten Faces at Flickr


Shari said...

Hello :)

So glad to see that you have jumped into the blogging community!!! I check daily to see if you have uploaded new pix on flickr---and I probably have most of them marked as favorites! I think you will enjoy the world of blogging (a lot of nice and creative people here). It's real easy to blog your images from flickr to Blogger too. I have put your blog on my "must see" list.
-shari (luvs2create2)

Rob said...

Thanks shari
Early days yet but I hope to keep the blog going with my thoughts and other things connected to Forgotten Faces.