Monday, 23 June 2008

Feeling a bit guilty !!

Yep, I really am feeling a bit gulity for not having got to grips with my Flickr site over the last few weeks and also this blog. Maybe I should explain a bit.

I work for a company called Waitrose which is part of the john Lewis Partnership. Waitrose is the food chain of this partnership. Now, when you have worked for this company for 25 years part of the deal is that you get 6 months leave on full pay. Well, I started my long leave at the begining of March and apart from doing a bit of family history research I have been doing a lot of stuff that I have not been able to get round to in the past. Also some time ago I started a user group on Ebay for Grumpy Old People. This proved very popular and took a lot of my time. I then let it slip a bit so over the last few weeks I have doing a relaunch of that group. Click the link to join but you have to be a member of Ebay.
Grumpy Old Peeps

I am still collecting the old postcards and will very soon devote some time to getting them uploaded. I am glad that there is still a lot of interest in the site and I am still getting lots of mails.

The Vintage Seaside Group I started on Flickr is doing very well with regular uploads and new members. There are some really great images on there so I am pleased about that.

Well, thats it from me for now

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