Tuesday, 22 July 2008

That was quick.....

Well, the new cards arrived today which is great as I was not expecting them until Wednesday.
I am really pleased with them and have posted two of my favourite ones here. The first is the little boy with all of his toys and the second one is of a little boy dressed up for a football match and I think this one is close to being my all time favourite card ( another one ! ).


footnoteMaven said...

Love this little boy! Looking tough.

I see you and I have the same obsession - old photographs.

Reading all your old posts. Can't wait for more photographs.


tony said...

I came here vis Flickr & Sunny Snaps.
Great Blog & Great Concept.

Rob said...

Thanks Tony
I would like to spend more time on the blog but not aways possible. Glad you like the pictures.


Yes I love these old images and am always on the lookout for more. I have about 200+ still to scan and upload but it is so time consuming. I will get round to it soon. Have you been to my Flickr site yet ? there are over 800 images there...


Arthur said...

Saw the postcard of the group at Barrowford (o17).

I am not there but recognise several faces from my school days (Yes I am so old!).

Third from the left on the front row is my best mate Bill Ainsworth.

I would love to have a better quality image for him but would understand perfectly if this is not possible.

Thanks for the memories

Arthur arfur3@mac.com